Friday, April 8, 2011


Daydreaming today....about swimming at dusk....
with the warmth of the evening summer sun upon my shoulders....


  1. I'm daydreaming today too... SUCH a nice day outside I am stuck at my desk in my office job. Ho hum. Daydreaming about my humungus to-do list this weekend and bridesmaid dress quandries for our wedding too...hmmm all the big issues!

  2. Yeah, I'm having a hard time adjusting to non Daylight Savings Time :( missing summer already...

  3. dreaming of walking in a field of poppies with my camera in hand (and a bag full of new lenses!!),the sun shining down and a lovely picnic at the end of the field. ah bliss. xx

  4. Emma how fun to be thinking about bridesmaids dresses! A bit of tulle might be required... :)

    Gaby I really miss Summer. Even though we are having lovely warm weather, I don't like that it is dark so early....I want to hibernate!

    Lou - can I come along with you? xx