Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Summer Garden

I have a confession. 
I have hardly had the camera out this summer. 
It's been nice to just enjoy what is going on in our daily lives. 

Or it could also be because I have only 2 polaroids left and I am saving it for something special
 (I don't know what that is, it will have to be something really special to be worthy of my last 2 polaroids). 

Or it could be that I have been lulled into a sense of 'we have ages to go before the end of summer'...and now I have realised that all these pretty summer flowers will soon be gone...

whatever the reason behind it,
I am now back with camera in hand....
capturing moments of summer while I can....


  1. these are so beautiful and inspiring ~ i'm in love with the second one and the last one. glad you've been enjoying the summer with your kiddos while you can ~ the stuff of no regrets :)

  2. wow, I really LOVE those flower pictures! Enjoy summer!

  3. I love the summer garden shots, they are all beautiful and make me want to lie in the garden and watch the clouds drift by...

  4. I don't blame you one bit Susannah- get out and soak it all up! Although, always have the camera nearby....just in case. You have a wonderful way with words and light. Keep up the great work!! (P.S., our summer here in RI, U.S. is coming and I am super excited...sorry, can't help it!) But if it does help- I have made every effort this winter to get out and not let the snow and cold shut me out, and I found I so enjoyed having my camera to get me through the dark months and discover the beauty of snow. -Mary

  5. I feel that way about my camera sometimes too.