Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Cameras - a day at home

Now that the temperature is back down to bearable, I really wanted to take the kids on an adventure yesterday to the zoo.....but no matter how much I tried to convince my little girl she just wanted to stay at home and play.  Surprising, as she normally loves the zoo.  I gave up at 11am, and we played....and then there was  a quiet moment when Otis was sleeping, and Annabel was playing happily and I could hear the Polaroid whispering from its home on the didn't need to beg, a slight whisper is all it takes for me to get it out for a play.  I looked around for a subject, and spied my camera box.  Annabel loved looking at all of the old cameras, and proclaimed, (as she so often does), "When I'm a big girl like Mum... I can hold your cameras".   I love that one day when she, and Otis, are older they may (fingers crossed) be interested in my ever growing collection of cameras and want to 'play' too.

So a new series was created, and in the end it was a wonderful day at home,
a mixture of playing with kids toys, and playing with my toys!
 (And are you surprised that the butterflies came out for a little play too?)

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  1. being someone who both collects cameras & photographs them on a regular basis i love these. wonderful photos & a lovely little story to go with.

  2. I have butterflies just like yours tucked in little places around my home.

  3. Just love the butterflies, how does one get them?

  4. just found your blog through the madeit spotlight. My mum has the exact same box camera I did a blog post on it not too long ago - ... I sell photography as well I love strong colours & flowers all my shots are mainly macro. I'm thinking of expanding to etsy but I'm not sure yet.