Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am REALLY hearting Tuesday today..

...for 3 reasons
~ we all slept a little late, so Shannon made me a coffee before he left for work. There is nothing like having a flat white made for you for breakfast on a Tuesday

~ I tried on the cutest shoes for spring/summer, and decided I have to earn them. So I'm going to clear out my closet and list items I no longer wear on eBay - I have a stack of work/pre-kids clothes I can't imagine ever wearing (or fitting!) again. If I sell enough, I will buy the shoes (and I will have a de-cluttered closet!) :)

~ after checking the front door (many times a day) for special deliveries from the post man for the last 10 days, my copy of Style Statement finally arrived. I first saw this book reviewed in an "Oh Baby" magazine that Mum sent over from New Zealand last year, and since then it has popped up on numerous websites/blogs I read. I decided it was time to ditch the frumpy Mum routine, and sort out exactly who I am. Have any of you worked your way through? I'd love to hear about your journey in discovering your style...


  1. my style journey ... bigs with a tom boy ... works through those adolesent awkward years (also it was the 90s) os me trying to be vaguly fashionable but loosing dramatically into my 20s where as the years have gone on i've discovered how ever hard i try i will always be a jeans & tee kinda girl. But that's cool by me because i have some awesome jeans & i don't scrub up half bad when i try!

    love your blog ... love the little things.

  2. How great to de-clutter the closet, AND buy some new shoes!! I hope your stuff sells fast on ebay, so those shoes are still there when you get around to buying them!

  3. Exactly what I'm trying to figure out right now so thanks for posting about the book. I know you can't get style from the pages of a book but maybe a little confidence! Oh and I have to believe...primary school teachers can be stylish! Found your fotos on Flickr, very happy-making...

  4. Oh those shoes are just gorgeous!! Good on you for making your self earn them!! :) The book looks like the perfect thing for me right now - after kids you seem to 'lose who you are' Might have to sneak a copy on to my Christmas list :)

    I am going to feature your blog this Friday - so make sure you pop over :) hope that's ok ? !