Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I heart Tuesdays

I'll let you in on a little secret - I don't like Tuesdays. Never have, they are the longest, dreariest day of the week. But I am going to try....try and find something that makes me smile every Tuesday. Today it is these gorgeous ranunculus - I simply cannot resist ranunculus, the way they grow any way they please, curving and dipping as if they are wild and free from the floral law that says "we must grow up with straight stems"......if I was a flower this is what I'd be.


  1. I love your photos Susannah. Have you ever thought of putting them onto a set of coasters, I would snap up a set for my coffee table. Perhaps not the first thought you'd have for your works of art, but I'd love some if you ever did.

  2. Thanks Little Eve - I have "coasters" on my list of things to experiment with, hopefully within a few months I'll have some ready.

    Thanks Eri!

  3. I love your photography. Just beautiful! I also love ranunculus. One of my fave flowers.